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untitled-1Getting Ready to Sell Your Home

Selling your home can be very emotional. It’s the place you call home, celebrate holidays, hang family pictures, raised your kids and remodeled it the way you like. The moment sellers decide to sell their home they need to think how their home will look appealing to majority of the buyers. Removing the family pictures from the wall, religious items being packed, staging rooms differently and painting with natural colors over accent wall you love can be hard.

I believe preparing yourself ahead of time properly will ease the selling process.

Keep these 5 things in mind:untitled-13

Timeline – Planning the schedule of listing your home will make it clear for everyone what happen and when.

Preparation – There are 2 main things to do:

Go over the Sellers Checklist that I’ll provide and see if the house is maintained properly. The owner needs to take care of the house; no one likes an inspection report full of repairs that need to be done prior to listing your home.

Organize your belongings and Declutter. It’s time to give away what you don’t need, start to pack or as I say in short: LESS IS MORE!

Make decisions – while you are organizing your house it’s time to make decisions about what you sell with the house and what you take with you. Will all furniture go with you? If it’s too old maybe its time to sell or donate.

Staging – I highly recommend staging your home. It’s spent money that most of the time will get back to you. A house that is not staged usually is not inviting, make your home attractive and welcoming so people will sit on the couch and won’t want to leave.

Marketing – Any agent can put a house on the MLS, you need ONE agent that will market it with the most high end skills. Buyers are well educated, you need to get the best marketing tools that will bring you best offer on your house.

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