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Are there good deals in this market?

Well, I’m not sure if I can call it a “deal” but with patience, you get a beautiful house for a good price. Here is an example:   Diana and Bill came to me before relocating to the Seattle area. They knew they wanted to live in the Eastside meaning Bellevue, Redmond...

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Winterize Your Home Checklist

Make sure your home is safeguarded against subfreezing temperatures. This checklist will help you ensure you’re prepared. Checklist Protect Your Pipes Depending on the region of the United States you're in, you'll need to protect your pipes from bursting this winter....

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Holiday Season Slow Down?

Most buyers wait until spring to start their home search. So why look in the dead of winter? Opportunity! It was the day before Thanksgiving and I could feel that the real estate market slowed down. I prepared my clients not to be expecting new listings but this is...

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How Timing Can Play a Major Role in Buying a House

In Real Estate timing can be everything. When is the right time to bring your home on the market? When should you search for a new home? Even more important, how quickly can you see a house you like and send your offer! Harry and Sally were looking for a town house in...

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Preparing your House before You Sell it, Why?

Tom and Jerry came to me few month before they decided to sell their house and told me “we are not into preparing our home” They are both working, they don’t have the time or the energy for that. They didn’t want people to interrupt their day with showings. I suggest...

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Is a Short Sale Really Short?

In 2010 the market was different than today. You could bargain for a lower purchase price and can play some games. That was called a “Buyer’s Market”. Back then I knew a couple that reminded me of characters in a high school musical. I’ll call them Gabriella and Troy....

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Message from Iris

Sometimes I feel my work is like a movie. Always starting with characters, they have a goal either to buy or sell a house. There may be challenges along the way and I enjoy helping them towards their goal…to make a smooth and happy move and live happily ever after.

I will keep my clients’ names and details private. Instead, I will name them by movie characters/actors. I hope you enjoy their stories and understand more the process of buying or selling a house.