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The house is only illustration, it doesn’t connect to the real story.

Tom and Jerry came to me few month before they decided to sell their house and told me “we are not into preparing our home” They are both working, they don’t have the time or the energy for that. They didn’t want people to interrupt their day with showings. I suggest few ideas how to ease the process but they came with solution, “why don’t you have one of your clients to see it and maybe they will be interested”. Well, I can’t do it; it’s illegal to market a house before it’s on the market. “OK” they said, we will market it! Since I know Tom and Jerry, they bought this house with me few years before, they are the couples that know what they want, I didn’t think it is for their best interest and I told them the disadvantage of their decision which reduce the exposure of the house.

We agree they will try to market it in Zillow BUT if that doesn’t work we are going my way. After a month of buyers calling setting appointment which they don’t show up and buyers that bargaining for the price in a “seller market” we were back to square one. I told them when from the beginning the market is hot, they will get more than what they ask for but they will need to work a little bit for that. We met for my “to do list appointment” they were writing down what needs to be done, I brought my handy man to fix the deck and paint some walls.

They worked hard for two weeks and it worth it. We put the house on the market on Friday, I suggest they will leave for the weekend so the buyers will have easy access. Selling price was $580,000 and they received 4 beautiful offers all of them over asking price and they sold their house for $627,000 and even the buyer gave them a free month rent back! Tom and Jerry were thrilled with the results and their hard work paid off. This story happened in 2014, today the market behave the same, call me so I can help you with selling your home.