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Most buyers wait until spring to start their home search. So why look in the dead of winter? Opportunity!

It was the day before Thanksgiving and I could feel that the real estate market slowed down. I prepared my clients not to be expecting new listings but this is the opportunity to buy a house because other buyers leave town and with fast and alert agent you can get a great deal.
Ben and Jen, a couple I had been working with, were heading out of town Wednesday evening. That same Wednesday at around noon, the perfect house came on the market. I immediately sent the listing and called them to tell them, I knew they are leaving town but if there is one thing you can’t do when you are out of town, it is to see the house itself! After less than an hour, Ben called and said, “We fly today but let’s meet there NOW.” This is when timing is essential. The house was in a perfect location, had a modern look, and was just at the right price. Ben and Jen loved it, so we agreed that while they were away, I would arrange the pre- inspection and begin with all the preparation for the winning offer!

Thanks to our quick response we had a strong offer while the other buyers didn’t get a chance to see the house before Monday, after they got back in town. Once the other buyers heard we had already done a pre inspection, they didn’t bother to send in an offer,  leaving us with the only offer on the table. Ben and Jen got the house for asking price meaning they didn’t have to increase their purchase price in a seller-market and bought exactly what they were looking for.
As I always say, there is always opportunity, so stay tuned especially when other buyers are checked out!